Your Hosts

Your Hosts

Brad Forsythe

Creator & Co-Host

Brad Forsythe brings 35 years of advertising, marketing and media experience to The Advertising Show. Brad began his career in broadcasting at Kansas City’s KWKI-FM followed by Century Broadcasting’s KSHE-95 in St. Louis and finally in Houston at General Cinema Corp’s KRBE-FM.

After a successful broadcast career, in 1980 he joined the staff of international advertising agency Gray, O’Rourke, Sussman as a Senior Account Executive. Within a year Brad was promoted to VP & Director of Account Services and in 1982 was promoted to Senior Vice President. In 1983 Brad left to co-found advertising/marketing firm, Forsythe & Butler, in Houston, Texas serving as President and Executive Creative Director. In 2005 Brad moved with his wife to Hawai’i to open the second office of Forsythe & Butler Advertising/Marketing Maui.

In late 1999 Brad founded start-up AdPointDirect, an online advertising marketplace. Upon developing the online media transaction platform, Brad applied for and was awarded three US Patents.

Today Brad is a fulltime mixed media abstract fine artist. Brad’s work has been widely exhibited and appears in several private and corporate collections throughout the world. His paintings have been selected for numerous exhibitions in Hawai’i and North America.

Brad has several collaborations to his credit with companies requesting his original art for surface graphics and textiles. His artwork has appeared on products far from the Hawaiian Islands, ranging from Italian-made scarves to custom snowboards and skis. In early 2014 Brad began a collaborative relationship with Hawai’i based legendary board shaper and global brand Jimmy Lewis providing surface graphics for a new line of Super Tech pro level performance SUP surfboards and paddles.

Your Hosts

Ray Schilens

Co-Host/The Advertising Show

Ray Schilens brings over 30 years programming, production, and management experience to The Advertising Show.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Radio Lounge Marketing, Ray’s commitment to quality media content has earned him much respect by his contemporaries. Overseeing all facets of a broadcast production facility and an organizational creative think tank, Ray has vast experience in various areas of advertising, marketing, and business leadership. His extensive background includes broadcast programming and creative services management in markets including Detroit, Houston and Miami-Ft. Lauderdale. It is Ray’s combination of creativity, business savvy, dedication to quality, and his strength in client relationships, that make him a natural to fill the slot as co-host of The Advertising Show.

M. Bruce Abbott

Executive Producer/The Advertising Show

Bruce Abbott brings over a decade of broadcast and corporate management experience, including creative services, operations, marketing and multimedia to The Advertising Show.

As Chief Operating Officer of Radio Lounge Marketing, Bruce has combined his abilities in marketing, creative concept development, multimedia, operations management and financial expertise with extensive voiceover and production experience. Bruce’s background includes major market broadcast production management, satellite broadcasting, television/radio voiceovers and business development skills, with a BBA from The University of Houston. It’s a great merger of creative and business savvy that makes Bruce a valuable asset as Executive Producer of The Advertising Show.